How to Choose the Best Garden Furniture for Your Outdoor Space

Summer is here. Most of you love spending hours in the garden, don’t you? Spending time in the outdoors not only brings a host of health benefits but also allow you to enjoy all of your favorite outdoor activities. This is why the outdoors allure. The right patio furniture beckons you to come over and over and truly appreciate the fresh air and nature around you. Therefore, choosing the right furniture for your outdoor garden is important. Here are some of our tips to help you choose the best furniture for your garden.

First Things First

Remember these things before you continue your quest for the right exterior furniture:

The Use of Outdoor Garden: How you would spend your time in the garden? Do you want to make it a dining area to eat there on beautiful summer nights or do you prefer to keep it reserved for reading books? Determining the use of the outdoor space will help you decide what type of furniture might best suit the garden.

The Available Space: Your exterior furniture has to be adjusted correctly to the outdoor space. Before purchasing the furniture, make sure to calculate the room you have for the furniture. Also, keep in mind that there should be ample space left around your furniture so one can move around easily. Select the furniture according to the available space.

The Weather: Weather is the most significant consideration when choosing the outdoor furniture. Is your weather clear, dry or does it rain frequently? Taking weather into consideration will help you in choosing right material for the furniture.

The Available Size of Storage: It doesn’t matter how much weather proof the furniture is, you’ll need to store it over the winter or during rains to expand its lifespan. So before you make a purchase, do take into consideration the available room you have for storage.

Once you have taken into consideration the space, weather, and the activities you would be doing, choose the type of furniture that compliments the look of your outdoor garden. Let’s explore the most important things to be considered while shopping.


Choose the Material That Best Suits Your Needs and Environment

The choice of material is important as some outdoor furniture material may not be suitable for your outdoor space. Each material has benefits and drawbacks which make it perfect for some outdoor conditions and not for others.

Teak Garden furniture is a popular choice for the outdoor gardens, with longevity and natural look being its key advantages. It does not get too warm on summer days, as it doesn’t absorb heat, hence this type of furniture is comfortable. But, it requires regular maintenance. To defend against the cold and poor weather, coat it with oil or stain annually. You can also go with weather-resistant woods like cedar and redwood that require less maintenance.

Indonesia furniture – Rattan garden furniture provides a casual, comfortable look to your outdoor space. It is easier to clean but needs maintenance every two to three years. Although this type of material is weather resistant but it is better to store it indoors in colder months.

Metal furniture is a great choice for your outdoors. This kind of furniture is solid and elegant but is going to rust out because the material is not weatherproof. If you’re looking to buy metal garden furniture, you ought to make sure that you regularly provide the proper maintenance.

Aluminum and Plastic Furniture are light-weight and low-cost options for your garden. They are easy to maintain. They can be washed easily with soap and water. However, they must be secured from windstorms as they are lightweight and can be easily damaged in such conditions. Overall these tend to last the shortest amount of time.


Always Look for Quality

While it can be enticing, don’t necessarily go for the lowest deal on outdoor furniture you can find. The very inexpensive material is fragile and lightweight. It won’t last more than a year or two. As time goes by, the low quality furniture grows fragile and lose the natural coloring. On the other hand, good quality material will last long and will demand less maintenance. Always remember that “you get what pay for.”

Try to Be Color Smart

Try to be color smart and select the right color according to the surroundings. Do not be limited to natural tones of wood or metal pieces. The colorful furniture is in trend in the world of outdoor furniture. Today the pieces of wood and metal come in a wide variety of vibrant colors. Search for furniture that best compliments the color scheme of your outdoor garden.

Always Prefer Comfort

Comfort is a crucial factor that must be considered. Search for items of soft cushions on the chairs and sides, or comfortable metal and wood furniture of fuzzy pillows for full comfort. If the chairs are not with cushions, buy the cushions and pillows. Make sure to buy excellent outdoor fabric. Pillows and cushions will stay looking their best if stored when they are no longer in use outdoors. Recliners are comfortable and relaxing so they too can be kept as an option.

Aim for Multi-Purpose Pieces

You should aim for the multi-purpose pieces make a significant difference. Multi-purpose pieces eliminate the need to buy additional furniture and leave more space for your favorite outdoor activities. It makes your garden more appealing and elegant. A simple bench can serve alone as a seating or it can also serve as a dining table.

Accessories make an enormous difference while setting up your outdoor space. You can use hanging lighting, vibrant cushions, fill the spaces with beautiful showcases and a lot more.

At the end of the day, spending time outdoors is pleasing and stress-free. Make sure that the furniture that you surround yourself with should add to and not detract from the experience. The knowledge acquired from this guide will help you pick the best outdoor furniture for your house.