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Indonesiateakwood.com it’s our mission to manufacture the highest quality A-grade teak indoor furniture and teak outdoor furniture. every piece of our furniture is manufactured and quality controlled with more attention. This is why indonesia teak wood furniture is a the ideal choice for teak outdoor furniture and teak indoor furniture for your home space, let’s make your dream home furniture with indonesiateakwood.com
Teak wood furniture products are made with high-quality teak wood ingredients and made by experienced carpenters with designs natural and elegant. Indonesiateakwood.com presents the best masterpieces of furniture products, for every corner of your room. starting from teak indoor furniture and teak outdoor furniture. Every teak furniture product from indonesiateakwood.com has the best product quality and is certainly durable and of all the products that have the best quality, what’s more, interesting you can get at an affordable price. With the city of Jepara, one of the cities in Indonesia with the best teak wood furniture craftsmen in Indonesia, The work of furniture from the skilled hands of professional carpenters in the city of Jepara has adorned various corners of the house in various parts of the world, and they recognize the quality of their furniture products. That’s why we exist, Indonesiateakwood.com, by providing the best masterpieces of furniture products for everyone corner of your house, we are always ready for various challenges to providing various kinds of furniture design requests you want to make, and we will finish everything with the best quality from us.

Things to Know before Purchasing Your Indonesia Furniture from Teak Wood

One type of wood which is used by many furniture manufacturers is teak. This is considered as one of the best woods to make furniture. Plus, teak is not difficult to find. Indonesia is world-renowned to be one of those prominent countries in producing teak. In addition, many kinds of Indonesia furniture are made of teak, and the quality is top-notch.

Reasons Why You Should Choose Teak Wood

Before purchasing your Indonesia furniture, you should learn why teak is chosen to be the best material options by many for furniture. The reasons why teak is considered as the best wood material for furniture will be stated below.
  • It is a versatile material
Well, almost all hardwoods are versatile. The context of ‘versatile’ is that the wood can be used in various projects. These projects will include making furniture, ships, construction, household stuff, or even bicycles. The use of teak for furniture and construction is what we often found easily, but the lesser projects mentioned earlier is using teak too as its main material.
  • It is a sustainable product
The word ‘sustainable’ may be so popular these days, but what does that word exactly mean? According to sources, sustainability is the characteristic of something which can meet our needs but without compromising the chance of future generations to get their own needs using that thing in question. Understanding the definition of ‘sustainability’ will help us in understanding why teak is a sustainable product. Since it is a renewable natural resource, we don’t have to throw away the chance of our future generation in using teak for their furniture. Teak can be harvested once in 12-15 years, hence our kids or grandkids will be able to have their furniture made from teak.
  • Its stiffness is perfect
Compared to other common woods, teak is way stiffer. That way, in case you are using it teak for furniture, you should not worry much about it breaking due to extreme environmental quality. This is also why teak is recommended to be used as floors.
  • It is also durable
Given that it is a stiff type of wood, it makes sense if this wood is renowned for being durable. This is why many Indonesia furniture manufacturers focus their manufacturing processes only on teak furniture. The demand for this furniture is oftentimes higher than furniture in other kind of woods.
  • It is water resistant
Being water resistant makes the wood to become weather resistant and durable. Teak has its own natural property which helps the wood to prevent water from ruining the quality. Being a water resisting wood also makes it to become one of the best choices to make outdoor furniture.

Why You Should Purchase Teak Wood Furniture Indonesia

The country is known to have lots of artisans who are affiliated with furniture manufacturer, and they are capable to produce high-quality furniture which meets the quality demand of both national and international markets. That said, it is not surprising if Indonesia’s export of furniture surged: starting with US$1.6 billion in 2016 to US$1.69 billion in 2018. Even in 2020, the country succeeds in pocketing more money from their furniture industry, almost 10% more from the previous year. Indonesia teak wood furniture is not produced by manufacturers only. There are also self-employed artisans with privately-owned galleries making their quality furniture to earn a living. Although marketing can be a problem for them, oftentimes the quality of their products is comparable to the ones manufactured in a larger scale. In addition, Indonesia is kind of blessed with various lumber products—one of them is teak. Besides the teak forest is concentrated in Central Java, it is also scattered in various places throughout the country although the number is less. Complementing the fact that there is more teak forest in Java, the number of craftsmen coming from the island is not a few. However, that doesn’t mean all craftsmen are concentrated in Java, though. Bali, for example, is also known as a center for teak wood production. Hence, it is not surprising that their furniture style may also be different from one another.

What Kind of Indonesia Teak Wood Furniture Can You Purchase?

There are various types of teak wood furniture Indonesia you can get if you pick teak wood as your main material. From chairs to armoire, you can pick anything you want. For more details, you can read it below.
  1. Indoor teak furniture

In terms of indoor teak furniture, it comes verily from chairs, tables, cupboard, bookshelves, or even dressing table. Indoor Indonesia teak wood furniture can be considered as one of the highest in demand in both national and international markets. It can also come with all-wood material, to even a combo from wood and metal, iron being one of the mostly used metal combined with teak to make furniture.
  1. Outdoor teak furniture

Teak is known to have an oil content which helps the wood to prevent quick ‘aging’, weather attack, and water splashes from ruining the quality of the wood. The wood is also known for being pest resistant. Therefore, it becomes clear why the wood is used in many outdoor furniture manufacturing. A plethora of furniture models can be chosen to suit your need and preference. To mention some, you can get a sunbed, table, or chairs to put outside coming with teak as its material. Interestingly, outdoor furniture has also become one segment that many Indonesia furniture manufacturer exporter focuses on. Why so? Many customers see that teak wood furniture comes with an excellent quality that no country will be able to defeat. Moreover, it comes with a cheaper price—meaning that purchasing the furniture in Indonesia becomes a wise decision to make as a furniture seller.
  1. Dining table

Planning to get a dining table from teak wood? Indonesia houses various manufacturers which produce the dining table at any style you want. By that it means, you can even get a custom product. The design and style is yours, and you pay the artisan to make the teak wood furniture for you.
  1. Reclaimed teak furniture

What does reclaimed teak furniture mean? According to sources, reclaimed teak simply means that the teak wood is obtained from old houses or boats. As long as the teak wood quality is not ‘wrecked’, then the wood will be remade into a new furniture product. If you purchase furniture which is made this way, typically the price may be lower. Another plus point from this kind of furniture is that it can also come with antique touch.
  1. Dual material furniture (teak + metal (iron))

Indonesian artisans also get their hands involved in the making of such furniture. One of the markets in which this dual material furniture gets better recognition is European market. With this kind of furniture, users can combine both materials’ durability, which is worth investing.

How to Purchase Teak Wood Furniture Indonesia

As mentioned earlier, there are artisans selling their products all by themselves and some others are affiliated with Indonesia furniture manufacturers. Which one should you choose? Make sure to read this below:
  1. First, find the artisan or manufacturer which has a legal certificate to export furniture made from wood.
This is highly required since not all artisans or manufacturers own the certificate to export their products abroad. If not, you may stumble upon some problems, especially during the exporting process itself.
  1. Make sure you talk about what kind of container you will use in shipping the furniture.
In general, you will need a 20HC or a bigger one—40HC container to ship your furniture. That said, make sure you talk about this with your Indonesia furniture manufacturer exporter or the self-employed artisan.
  1. Talk about how the product will be shipped.
Since shipping furniture can be a bit risky given that it can be considered as a pricy purchase, you need to come into terms with the seller. The term you need to ask about to the seller is whether the furniture is shipped by FOB or EXW. What exactly are those terms?
  • FOB stands for Free on Board, meaning that the buyer is only responsible for the shipping cost from the nearest port (from artisan/manufacturer’s side) to the destination port.
  • EXW, which stands for Exwork, is a term used to define that the supplier/manufacturer is not taking any responsibility in shipping the furniture. That said, you need to find the third party—often an exporter agent—to help you with the exporting processes. This method is usually taking you higher price.
  1. How the payment is made
Is there any down payment? What about installment plan? Is it possible to pay using credit card? Questions alike are what you need to ask your supplier before coming into a deal for the furniture. Make sure you understand everything and don’t hesitate to ask the supplier about any terms you don’t understand. This is conducted to make sure the purchase terms are clear to both parties. That way, no further misunderstanding is expected to arise and ruin the business.

When to Buy the Teak Wood Furniture from Indonesia

Purchasing your teak wood furniture Indonesia from abroad will also make you arise this question: what is the best time to purchase teak furniture from Indonesia? Well, although it is said earlier that this kind of wood is weather resistant, you cannot just say that it can be shipped anytime. It is best to consider both Indonesia’s season and the season in your country. In terms of Indonesia, dry season could be the best season to purchase the furniture. You also need to learn that the delivery may take longer time, even it can take months to arrive on the nearest departure port if your side. So, allocate one or two months for delivery if you want to ‘show off’ your new furniture for a special event. Let’s say, for Christmas or Thanksgiving. Aside from that, pricing aspect is also required to consider. For this aspect, you can actually follow the ‘festive season’ shopping trend. This means that during the festive season like Christmas and New Year, the price of furniture can be higher than normal. However, the fluctuation of the price is truly depending on what product you are searching. If you have been eyeing on outdoor furniture, spring becomes the soft spot for price increase. But if you are picking indoor furniture, winter is the peak season because of the aforementioned reason: it’s the festive season.

Other Aspects to Ask Your Supplier

Purchasing furniture from abroad may not be as easy as it seems. The furniture brings value; which is why Indonesia furniture manufacturer will try their best to give their best service to you. As said earlier, you need to ask your supplier everything you want to ask. Be it a trivial question or truly a technical one, don’t be in such doubt and ask them politely to explain. Moisture Content (MC) of the teak Indonesia furniture should also be considered before proceeding with your purchase. MC, as its name implies, is defined as the water content ‘trapped’ inside the furniture. Furniture for export has to comply with the 12-15% Moisture Content only. The importance of this aspect lies at these two premises. Wetter teak furniture may higher the chance of the furniture to expand. While for the contrasting MC level, it may manifest in cracks if not treated well. To make sure everything is on check, you need to ask your manufacturer about this. Also, don’t forget whether there is fumigation to ensure that your furniture is already ‘protected’ from wood-ruining organisms, be it pests or fungi. Fumigation could be an optional thing, but this makes sure that the product is not ruined during the long shipping. That said, it is better to invest a little bit more to apply Fumigan (the name of agent used to treat wooden product from pests and/or fungi). To sum it up, if you want to purchase Indonesia teak wood furniture, you need to find the artisan/manufacturer which has a permit to export lumber product. Besides, understanding the processes of furniture purchasing and shipping is also important. Doing so will help you to avoid misunderstanding with the seller in the future.

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