How To Maintain Teak

A wood for all terrains and climatic variations!

Teak, more than any other wood species, is suitable for outdoor use because it secretes an oil that, added to its high density, makes it perfectly rot-proof. Teak can be left outside permanently, in all climates. Teak requires no maintenance. Thanks to its density and the oil it secretes, teak does not need to be painted or oiled. When exposed to the elements, teak will gradually take on a silver-gray patina. It is however preferable to store furniture with folding systems during the winter.


Teak requires no maintenance!

It is naturally resistant to alternating dryness and humidity over time and with exposure to sun and rain, teak will gradually take on a silver-gray patina. However, washing with water every year may be useful to rid your furniture of any impurities that may have become embedded in it.


How many times a year should we clean our furniture and how?

The ideal is to clean your teak at the end of winter with soapy water. If the furniture is very dirty, we recommend cleaning it with Saint Marc pine resin detergent by rubbing the green part of the sponge with Scotch Brite, then rinsing thoroughly. A light sanding may be necessary.


Why do you say in your catalog not to oil your teak?

It is not advisable to use teak oil because it may blacken the wood over time. Do not use linseed oil on teak.

How to clean grease stains on raw teak? It is necessary to get down to it without delay as soon as the stain is done. Here are several possible techniques:

With a homemade recipe composed of hot water, marseille soap and ammonia: using a sponge, rub the stain in a circular manner.

With white crystal vinegar: using a brush, rub the stained wood and let it dry.

With white clay stone: using the sponge provided that you will moisten, gently rub the stain, rinse with water and let dry. If this is not enough, sand lightly with 120-grit sandpaper.

Should I protect my teak furniture during the winter?

It is recommended to bring in the winter furniture with mechanism (deckchair/folding chair/extension table). We do not recommend covering teak furniture for too long without airing it.


Frequently asked questions about teak

Frequently asked questions about teak wood Does it expand? Can it deform over time?

Like all other woods, teak expands and “works” according to climatic conditions: it will swell in humidity and concentrate under the action of dryness. It is therefore recommended that sliding and folding furniture be operated several times during the season so that the mechanism is activated and does not damage the furniture.

Why does it become rough over time, what can be done to keep it soft and smooth? Will teak form cracks over time?

When exposed to the elements, it is normal for the surface of the wood to dry. This does not affect the strength of the wood and underneath this layer, the teak continues to have its oil content and exceptional durability properties. It is possible to perform a 180 grain sanding


Teak gets a patina over time…

Do you want to preserve the original color of the teak? After cleaning your furniture with soapy water and a brush, you can apply a coat of wood fixative that will delay the formation of the gray patina. This product is also effective against stains (table top).

Your furniture has turned gray and you prefer to give it back its original appearance? If your furniture has never been maintained, we recommend stripping it with Net Trol to remove dirt, stains, mildew and previous treatments.