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Teak outdoor furniture from indonesiateakwood.com gives you the comfort of enjoying the fresh air or relaxing under the sun with your family and friends. Each of our teak outdoor furniture is selected with materials that have the best quality so that our furniture products are strong and resistant to various conditions. You can choose from a wide selection of outdoor teak furniture such as Teak Bar & Counter, Teak Benches, Teak Chaise & Umbrellas, Teak Coffee Tables, Teak Seating, Teak Side And Console Tables. with indonesiateakwood.com make your dream furniture come true to fill every corner of your home.

Things You Should Know before Purchasing Teak Outdoor Furniture

Everyone wants the best for themselves. In terms of outdoor furniture, you surely want to have the best furniture possible for your budget. Teak outdoor furniture is one material that you should use for such furniture. Teak is the recommended material since it has features which make it perfect to be made as outdoor furniture. In this article, you will learn why teak is the best material ever for outdoor furniture. You will also learn about related things to furniture shopping.

Perfect Materials for Outdoor Furniture

If you are searching for outdoor materials, it is a sure thing that there will be more than one material recommended. Before choosing specific material to make outdoor furniture, you will automatically compare one material with another one.

So, what is the best material for outdoor furniture? According to sources, these materials are considered to be the best materials for outdoor furnishings.

  • Wood

If you love the natural look of wood, it can be used for making your outdoor furnishings. However, you need to make sure that the wood used is not only durable, but also weather resistant. This is because you will put the furniture outdoor, which means you make it prone to weather ‘attack’, be it downpours, snow, or scorching hot sun.

If you prefer wood, such durable hardwoods like teak, cedar, and eucalyptus can be chosen. Many will go with teak, still, since it is widely renowned as the most durable wood with weather-resistant characteristics. Finding teak garden furniture too is easy since many manufacturers and suppliers are many—be it in your own country or maybe overseas. One country that is known for having the best teak is Indonesia.

  • Metals

Strong and durable, metals make a good material for patio furniture. In choosing metals, you need to make sure that the material is not prone to rust. That said, metals like aluminum and steel are often chosen. However, the price of metal furniture may be costlier than the former one.

  • Synthetics

Synthetics come with a ‘promise’ or cheaper furniture price, compared with the previous two materials. It makes a great material for outdoor furniture since almost all synthetics like resin wicker, plastics, and ABS are waterproof. Hence, it is not prone to wetting, which finally leads the furniture to molding or broken piece.

However, compared to the aforementioned two materials, furniture with this type of materials doesn’t value much. Hence, you cannot resell it for a worthy amount of money. Often it will be left unused or sent to dumpsters when broken.

All considered, wooden furniture, especially teak outdoor patio furniture makes a great investment. The price can be pricier (or comparable with metal furniture), which makes its value for money to become higher than furniture made from other materials.

Why You Should Choose Teak Garden Furniture

We now know that teak is often recommended for outdoor furniture (well, it is also recommended for indoor furnishings, too). But you may want to find reasons.

Don’t worry, listed below are the reasons why you should purchase teak furniture as a new addition for your house, hotel, café, or any other establishments.

  1. It is a versatile hardwood you can rely on

Be it chair or table, teak is ready to be transformed into any furniture you want. Not only it is perfect for outdoor furnishings, you can also rely on this kind of wood for indoor furnishings such as cupboard, dining table, or even book shelves.

  1. Its stiffness is just perfect

This is one aspect that makes teak becomes reliable to become outdoor furniture. It is not changeable, or at least ‘not easy’ to change into some wrecks just because it is attacked by extreme weather or other conditions. This is also why manufacturers find teak perfect to be made as floors as well.

  1. It’s a weather resistant material

Not only it is water resistant, but it also comes as a strong material to withstand hot summer to come. Let alone strong wind.  Have it being treated well; your teak patio furniture will be pests-resistant too. This will require the manufacturer to treat the wood with a certain chemical before selling it to you.

The wood is known to produce a certain type of oil and apparently this is what makes the wood to become water resistant. This oil content makes the wood not brittle while faced with hot, scorching sun. That’s why the teak garden bench is so durable even though it is put outdoor with no shelter put over it.

  1. It is durable

Given that the wood has a good ‘self-protection’ from external damaging factors; it makes the wood to become durable. This feature makes teak wood perfect for outdoor teak garden chair, sunbeds, tables, or other types of furniture. People can even place it on public places.

How Is It Compared to Eucalyptus or Cedar?

You read it: teak, cedar, and eucalyptus are considered as the best materials for outdoor furniture. However, why teak becomes the most popular among all those woods?

In terms of eucalyptus wood, here are the drawbacks when compared to teak wood.

  • Eucalyptus cannot withstand extreme cold as well as teak wood, despite the high content of oil.
  • Teak is more durable.
  • Compared to teak, furniture made with eucalyptus has a tendency to be attacked by some pests.
  • The color changes if you don’t take care of it well.
  • Some people are allergic to this wood.

Meanwhile for cedars, these are the reasons why it is less good from teak.

  • Compared to teak, cedar tends to be requiring more maintenance.
  • The color fades, especially if you put cedar furniture under excessive sunlight.
  • If you have a pet living in your house, the wood can easily be scratched or dented by their claws. That said, you need to choose other kinds of wood for outdoor furniture if you have pets living under the same roof.
  • It is weaker than teak and less durable.

Various Teak Outdoor Furniture You Can Purchase from Indonesia

As said earlier, Indonesia is a renowned country for its teak furniture. If you are willing to purchase Indonesia teak garden furniture, consider finding your furniture here.

You may wonder why we recommend Indonesian teak furniture. Well, there are various reasons we can list down here. For example, there are lots of teak forests in this country. Given the abundance of the resource, you can expect that many Indonesian craftsmen are so talented in making furniture from teak.

There are also several areas in which craftsmen are pooled, for example, Jepara in Central Java. This city is well-known nationally as the ‘home’ for teak outdoor furniture manufacturer as well as indoor furniture manufacturer made from teak. Not only manufacturers whom you can find here. Self-employed artisans/craftsmen can also be found in this city.

The popularity of teak outdoor furniture Indonesia from Jepara is not spread nationally only. Jepara furniture has also been exported to many countries, mainly ones in Europe.

Wondering what kind of furniture you can find in this country? Check out these details below.

  1. Simple chair

Need some chairs to watch your kids play on your backyard? Or, chairs to sit on while enjoying the afternoon sight as you play throw and fetch with your dog? Having a teak chair can be a choice for you. Teak wood is known to be durable furniture and you can put it outside without any need to worry about it being ruined by outer ‘force’.

  1. Lounge chair

If you prefer softer sitting spot, you can get a lounge chair for your garden. For the supporting posts and legs, you got teak to support. That would make a strong lounge chair, with soft sitting spot many people would love.

  1. Double seater sofa

This type of sofa may not be big to accommodate three or four persons. But with this double seater, you can have your significant one to sit together with you while enjoying quality time with him/her on the patio.

  1. Teak chaises

If you have a swimming pool inside your house, which would be nice to have a teak chaise be put there. Having your body exposed to the sunlight while sipping a can of beer—all without driving to the faraway beach—can be done much easier now. Even if you intended to just lay down while reading a book, it sounds nice if you have durable furniture to accompany you.

  1. Outdoor dining set

Do you like inviting people to have some BBQ party? You will love to have a dining set you can put outside without any need to be stressed out for maintaining its quality.

Teak outdoor furniture dining set is the answer for your question if you wonder about outdoor dining set. Teak, as you have read earlier, is known for its weatherproof feature. It even comes with more positive features, such as pest-resistant and water resistant. Hence, even if you plan to put the dining table outdoor, that won’t do too much damage as long as you know how to take care of it.

  1. Teak coffee tables

Having picnic on your backyard doesn’t mean you don’t need tables at all. That said, you need to find a coffee table with these features: strong, water resistant, durable, and aesthetically pleasing.

For such features, maybe you can find coffee tables made from synthetic materials, which comes at a cheaper price. However, tables with this material don’t come with good value, meaning that with its cheap price, the look may not as good as pricier tables.

What do you think about teak coffee table? This can be the other teak garden furniture you can add to your garden. If you are not having quality time at your backyard, you can even take this to your living room, for example. The table is versatile and can be placed in various rooms.

  1. Teak storage bench

Another nice furniture teak garden Indonesia you would love is teak storage bench. So, what exactly is this product?

Just as its name infers, this teak outdoor patio furniture is basically a bench. But, the special thing lies in its built-in storage. There you can store your stuff—be it some tools or maybe books.

This furniture can also be made as indoor furniture. However, it is more prevalent to find this furniture as an outdoor one. The used material makes it possible to have the furniture as a durable one. You know, teak has some oil content in it, making it possible for water not to permeate. Plus, it makes the wood not easily ruined by extreme weather.

So, those are several teak outdoor furnishings you can find from teak outdoor furniture manufacturer out there. Which one that sounds like a nice offer for you?

Things to Consider before Purchasing Your Teak Patio Furniture

If you are sure about making a purchase from a supplier, you should make sure that you consider these things before getting on the deal. Things to consider will be as follows:

  • Make sure that the manufacturer/supplier is legit and trusted.

If you are purchasing the book from afar, let’s say—you are from Europe and the supplier is in Indonesia, make sure you are purchasing from a trusted one. Importing furniture like this takes much money, so you need to make sure about their trustworthiness.

  • Ensure that the supplier provides you quality control.

While many craftsmen and supplier will opine that they are the best teak outdoor furniture manufacturer, without proper and thorough QC, the title should not be trusted. Hence, you should consider contacting not only one provider so you can get the best deal which is worth your money.

  • Know how they will ship your product

If we are talking about international shipping, then it’s important to talk about the business in more details. Why so?

First, the manufacturer has to own a permit to export Indonesian lumber furniture. Then, since international shipping for furniture will only be done using ship cargo, you need to learn which kind of container you need to use.

Lastly, how much you should pay and how the payment will be conducted is required to be discussed properly with your supplier. Once these things are set out, you can wait for your teak garden Indonesia to arrive in your place.

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