Leipzig Teak Wood Lamp

Illuminate your space with this stunning teak wood table lamp

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Vienna Teak Wood Stand Figure

Crafted from natural teak wood, this is a very unique addition to your room decor

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The alluring beauty of teak root is now within reach, and the options are endless! You can choose between unfinished or finished goods, the choice is yours. The dense and hard teak root wood is naturally resistant to pests, but we go the extra mile by applying a disinfectant before the manufacturing process. This guarantees that your teak root furniture will remain in pristine condition.

Our teak root furniture is not just any ordinary piece, it’s a masterpiece! We use only the finest and most high-quality teak root material, adding an artistic touch to each piece. Our team of amazing individuals is dedicated to crafting timeless, handcrafted Indonesian teak root furniture and home decor that will leave you in awe. With a diverse range of designs, from Teak Root Coffee Table, Teak Root Console Table, Teak Root Dining Table, Teak Root Side Table, Teak Root Bench, Teak Root Stool, Teak Root Bowl, Teak Root Ball, Teak Root Bedside Table. 

We have everything you need to bring the natural beauty of teak root into your home. So, go ahead, choose your favorite and let us help you add a touch of nature to your living space!